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    Leading Supplier of Roll to Roll Web Coating Systems

    We are the leading supplier of state-of-the-art roll-to-roll coating systems with more than 700 installations worldwide. Our products serve a wide variety of applications:

    • Metal and oxide barrier films for the packaging industry
    • Color-shifting and holographic films for security and anti-counterfeit applications
    • In-situ patterned metal layers for special flexible packaging 
    • Multi-process, customer-configurable deposition systems for flexible electronics and advanced technology applications.

    Recognized by the roll coating industry as an innovation leader in technology and equipment design, we offer high performance vacuum coating systems optimized for large-scale production, easy operation and low maintenance.

    For more information on our roll to roll coating products, send an e-mail to:
    General Information: web_sales@amat.com
    Technical Questions: Applied_WebSupport@amat.com
    Spare Parts: AppliedSpares_Alz@amat.com